A Glimpse of Marine Blue Condo Units

Living in the middle of the city usually means not being able to get as close to nature as you’d like. However, Marine Blue is different with its resort-style living!

glimpse marine blue condo units

Geographically Desirable Location

Marine Blue is a freehold estate established in the Marine Parade Road in Singapore’s East Region. It is near public transports, such as the Eunos MRT; as well as expressways such as the East Coast Parkway and Eastern Region Line. It is also a short distance from shopping malls such as Katong Plaza, Katong Village, and Roxy Square and food centres. Marine Blue is close to leisure amenities such as the waterfront park of the East Coast Park and swimming clubs. For families with young kids, schools such as Kinderland Preschool, Victoria Junior College, and Chatsworth International School are also nearby.

Marine Blue Condominium

Marine Blue is proud to offer a complete family service to suit the needs of your loved ones. This is possible with the availability of facilities such as a guard house, function room, clubhouse, indoor and outdoor gyms, sun deck, swimming pool, children’s playground, and BBQ areas. Even if you are found smacked right in the middle of Marine Parade, you will still enjoy the serenity and peace that the condo offers. If you want to do family activities, the amenities in the area, from the shopping mall to the food centres are more than enough to keep you occupied.

Basic Facts About the Condo Units

  • It has 19 storeys composed of 124 condo units to be ready for use in 2018.
  • It was developed by Capitaland, one of the largest developers in Singapore.
  • It offers a VIP preview to early buyers, who can get 5-10% discount and the first choice among the units if they choose to register.
  • It is an urban area location with amenities within short walking distance, such as shopping malls, schools, and tourist spots.

Marine Blue is one of the best types of residential condominium buildings in Singapore, with its accessibility, its city central location, and its resort-style living!

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Luxury living near the beach area

South Beach project, located on the Beach road in the Downtown core of Singapore, is a luxury condo complex. It consists of shops, residences and a hotel, thus a perfect mixture of a residential and commercial complex.

luxury living near beach area

Condos near the beach area

Condos are one of the options that one can go for instead of the single family home. Condos are mostly built near prime locations. Also, there are condos that are built near the beach area for vacationers or even families to enjoy. Condos are safe and secure as there are neighbors nearby. For some this might be positive, for some it might be negative as there would be privacy concerns, and noise disturbances. Positively, there are a lot of additional features in the condo like guard service, or a buzzer system that makes the owner comfortable to leave home on trips. For vacationers, it is perfect to rent a condo that is near the beach area. This would be helpful for big families to hold their entire family in one place for a vacation rather than hotels. This is also useful in case where people can save up the money invested on hotels and uses it wisely for recreation instead.

Comfortable condos

Condos are the ultimate name when it comes to comfort. The South beach project offers an array of activities and recreational sports for the residents. When it comes to beach condos, they are the ultimatum of relaxation. After a long day of hard work, all one needs is comfort and rest. With condos both come hand in hand. Condos are mostly given for rentals or for vacationers, and this is a profitable investment as well. Be it to enjoy the view of the city or just to relax by the side of the beach, condos are the best option.

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Buy luxury Highline Residences in Singapore

If you are contemplating on purchasing a luxury apartment or condo in Highline Residences Singapore you should look around certain posh areas in the city. If you happen to have a city map you can draw a big circle right in the middle and you will find that the best luxury properties happen to be located there. To locate the best properties you should consult a real estate agent who has proper knowledge of the city. Since the Singapore has really good job prospects, people from all over the word are now moving into the city to settle down. This is the reason why the real estate sector has experienced a tremendous growth over the last few years.

buy luxury highline residences in singapore

Luxury properties in the Southern part of Singapore

The properties that are available in this part of the city are viewed by property buyers who just love living by the waterfront. The penthouses in this area have at least three bedrooms and the penthouse overlooks the sea; now that is view that a lot of people will pay to have. The whole of the southern region of Singapore is being given a facelift by the government by building sophisticated Highline Residences in Singapore. By purchasing an apartment in this area you will have access to some of the best shopping malls and tourist attractions.

Properties in Bukit Timah

Bukit Timah is another area that you can consider buying an apartment in. This area is green and has beautiful parks and garden in it. The apartments in this locality are quite pricey and they can cost up to one million American dollars. The good thing is that these apartments in the Highline Residences in Singapore offer a lot of security and all the modern amenities that you can think of.

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Commercial Roofing in Santorini condo

Santorini in Singapore is one of the fascinating places. You can go for the condo out there. There are all sizes of condos available in Santorini. One of the principal aspects that you need to take into consideration when selecting the Santorini Condo is roofing. With good roofing, obviously, you will not have any problems related to leaky condo. Everything will look perfectly alright. It is better that you look for the services of professional commercial condo roofer.

commercial roofing in santorini condo

Does commercial condo roofing meet your requirements?

While you have decided to purchase the Santorini condo, still the first and foremost point of concern about the commercial or residential roofing is of course to make sure that it meets your overall requirements. You have to be sure that roofing solution should be custom designed so that your home or commercial center needs are immediately fulfilled more than anything else. The quality of roof composition matters and which is the reason that you have to be pretty sure about the stuff more significantly than anything else.

Start searching now!

If you are keen on hiring the services of Residential Roofer, all needs to be done is look around for better and reliable options that will make your residence strong and give you string hold for just anything. It is also important that you do the research on the material used in roofing. Start searching around on the internet and soon you will get the best of the options which meets your perspective and builds up your way towards strong roofing if anything else. Look for the best and professional Commercial Roofers, and keep in your mind that you have better way to safe and secure your commercial center. The more you do the research, better will be your options coming along. You need to start thinking on this point and move ahead with a condo.

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Retail plus housing Projects in Singapore

WORLD Class Land, a part of planned Aspial Corporation as well as Fragrance Group will unlock the access to the City Gate condo ventures demonstrate flat at the Keypoint spot on Beach Road. The 30 storey as well as 99-year lease grip development is going to include 311 apartments plus 188 retail units. The accommodations range starting from one to three bedroom units as well as dual key units in addition to one to four bedroom penthouses.

One and two bedroom units start from 431 sq ft to 570 sq ft. The two plus three bedroom dual key units are extended amid 678 sq ft and 915 sq ft, whilst the penthouses are amid 484 sq ft and 1,819 sq ft.

retail plus housing projects in singapore

More Info about the project

The retail units of the City Gate condo is going to comprise room intended for a food court which will be of 4,693 sq ft as well as supermarket which will be of 3,735 sq ft in addition to food and beverage outlets varying from 452 sq ft to approximately 1,000-plus sq ft in addition to shops with a dimension of 280-721 sq ft.

World Class and Fragrance is going to construct the assorted expansion on the location of Keypoint, City Gate’s trade dais will cover from underground room 1 to level 2. There will as well be a three level podium car open space as well as a 25 level housing tower along with sky porch on the 6th and 24th levels. Different sorts of conveniences will take account of sky gym, swimming pools, dining and grill areas. The whole housing is going to have an excellent scenic view with the seas around the housing project. It will give a satisfaction the individual who will buy a home in this venture.

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Need for Skywoods

Looking to buy your dream home? Well this is your opportunity to grab such a wonderful offer that Skywoods has to provide you with. Skywoods is basically a residentially developmental project initiated by Bukit Timah Green Development Pte Ltd. It is a joint venture between Hock Lian Seng Holdings Ltd & TA Corporation and King Wan Development and the registered office is located at Dairy Farm Heights, Singapore. This development unit is an ideal blend of luxury living and perfect lifestyle that one can imagine from a dream home. Moreover, on a 17545.5 sq m land parcel, this project have to offer more than a traditional residence which includes lifestyle zones for leisure and fun.

need for skywoods

Structural design

Skywoods has to offer many different floor plans which ranges from high ceiling floor units to traditional units. This Proposed Condominium Housing Development comprises of typical units and Ground Floor units. However, typical units are designed with 3.25m of ceiling while ground floor units are designed with 4.65m of ceiling. Moreover, the area of the typical units ranges from 527 sq. ft to 1625 sq ft which includes standard and compact type of units. On the other hand, the area offered by ground floor units ranges from 580 sq ft to 1496 sq ft which comprises of 2 bedrooms to 4 bedrooms.

Ease of facilities

The plot ratio offered for this development project is 2:1 with 6 blocks of 15 storeys’s each that enhances your standard of living and lifestyle. The skywoods is a perfect location for residing with your family as it provides all the facilities that are basically required by you and your family. If you are looking out for dining along with your family, it also serves the need of dining and shopping. The level of convenience provided by this development structure is quite impeccable and you will rarely find such development projects.

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Universe of life-style at Lakeville

Lakeville truly introduces the universe of life-style that is awaiting one to get it and you. Since most individuals work in businesses and offices, transport issues a lot to them. But after the institution of the place, transport and home problems have vanished like smoke. Lakeville condo is regarded as the finest place since it is finding in the middle of the town then. It’s unparalleled and built-in services and chances which permit in a protection guardhouse, playhouse, function area, fitness center and lots more amusement facilities.

universe of life style at lakeville

Among the most frequent things that you’ll be looking for when you’re trying to find an excellent choice in condominiums is the residential complex where you’d be residing in or the chambers. Isn’t it? So if you are trying to find a great location subsequently Lakeville could be an excellent choice as it supplies all genres of chambers, such as you could choose for just two bedrooms or 3 bedrooms as well as for the solitary bachelors in addition they supply one room location where you are able to stay at your own independence. There are instances when you are perplexed about the truth the what would you choose among the condominium life or the normal housing life well then very first thing you have to recognize that the condominium life is more secure and protected for you as there will be lots of people staying together helping each other sometimes, specially it you need them. But then as it pertains to own home, there are cases where your own people that are neighboring do not actually understand each other not to mention assisting you.

Lakeville all establishes to improve standing and the popularity of the area. It gives tremendous chances for the household men due to educational facilities found nearby and the amusement. The calm encompassing and indulgence in the tranquil accurately identifies the nice and peaceful locality. So, for the possessors it is necessary to supply amusement opportunities at the finger-tips to boost their place. Thus, for all the amusement fans appreciate your time and simply jump into this area.

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An Awesome Marina front Home – Puteri Cove Residences

Have you always dreamt of a home that provides a panoramic view of a water body? Would you love to have a home overlooking a blue landscape? Well, then the time to realise your dream is at hand. Welcome to Puteri Cove Residences – the all-new address for luxury condos at the heart of Puteri Harbour. Designed and developed by the Pacific Star Group, this group of elegant condos are sure to take your breath away.

marina front puteri cove residences

Welcome To Puteri Cove Residencies- The Address to Your Dream Home

Devised by the Pacific Star Group, the Puteri cove Residences exemplifies luxury living in every sense. Designed to exude elegance and beauty, these condos may very well be the answer of the type of home that you had been looking for.

  • The condo units of Puteri Cove Residences have been grouped into 1, 2, 3 and 4 Bedrooms as to cater to the individual requirement. With the freehold tenure option, investors can be sure of the entire deal being a worthwhile investment.
  • This premium project located at the heart of the Puteri Harbour boasts of a pond replete with koi fish and lotus. The campus is also decked with a theme garden, Jacuzzi, fun pool, BBQ and the like.
  • The presence of a 50m lap pool, yoga deck, tennis court and basketball court ensures that the health freak in you is absolutely satisfied.
  • Any condo that you opt for will provide you a fascinating view of the gorgeous harbour and sea, yachts, Marina Park and the like. If it is a lifestyle home that you have been looking for, Puteri Cove Residences is definitely the best option for you.

Your hunt for a perfect home accommodating you and your loved ones with all the love and warmth is destined to meet a perfect end at the heart of the Puteri harbour in Iskandar. All you need to do is take a look at the condos of Puteri Cove Residences.

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3 Great Waterfront Hotels in Singapore

Waking up in a sunny morning with water reflecting its rays and soothing sound of calm waters is a great way to start anyone’s day. If you are planning on a trip to Singapore, you will want to consider booking a room in a waterfront hotel. Some may not like the idea and will often be concerned with the location. Singapore is a tiny island and getting to the place where you want to reach will not take a lot of your time. Some people would say that you can take a tour of the whole island itself in just one day. Waterfront hotels really have a difference compared to regular hotels situated in the city. Nothing beats an amazing view of waters as well as its calm breeze. To give you an idea, here are different helpful details that you can take note about waterfront hotels in Singapore:

3 Great Waterfront Hotels in Singapore
  • Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel Singapore can be a best choice. It is situated in the Singapore river banks which has water front promenade alongside. One great thing about it is its location wherein you can easily reach Chinatown, Orchard road, Central Business District and the Great World City in just a few minutes. And your dining options to its vicinity are global. The hotel offers three restaurants, overlooking of the Singapore River fitness facility, poolside bar, swimming pool, 2 tennis courts, spa tub, tour assistance with multi-language staff and on-site laundry facilities. You need to know that children who are 12 years and under can stay for free with their parents’ or guardian’s room using the existing bedding in the room.
  • Fragrance Hotel Restaurant is located on the west coast highway opposite to the bus stop and near Clementi MRT station. It is also close to National University of Singapore, Ministry of Education and Singapore Polytechnic. In case of emergencies, Fragrance waterfront is also near the National University Hospital. The hotel features laundry service, elevator, car park, and Wi-Fi access but charges or fees are applied. The area is good for family fun, sightseeing, shopping, and climb adventure. Infants that are still 0-2 years of age are free of hotel stay but guests that are over 5 years of age are considered adults, therefore extra bed is needed.
  • Furama Riverfront, Singapore is located between Orchard Road and Chinatown. The hotel offers restaurant, 24-hour front desk, bar and non-smoking room, dry cleaning and laundry, car rental and shuttle service is free, wired internet is available in every room but with a charge of SGD 25 in 24 hours.
3 Great Waterfront Hotels in Singapore

The three examples of waterfront hotels mentioned above are the best three waterfronts in Singapore. You will want to visit their official webpage to know any promos of their prices as well as the availability of rooms.

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Ideas On Waterfront Property For Sale In Singapore

Nothing beats the sound of the ocean, giving you calmness and peace. Your dream home of having your own waterfront home is not impossible, but finding the perfect spot in Singapore that captures your heart can be challenging. A waterfront lifestyle is good for people who love to hear the sound of the ocean’s waves and the feel of the sandy shores. If you are looking for hot picks and luxury waterfront properties that are for sale in Singapore, you will want to take note of the details below that may suit your taste. These are the properties that are surely worth your investment:

1. Reflections at Keppel Bay

– The exterior structure of the building is designed by an award-winning architect named Daniel Libeskind. It has full condominium facilities as well as great panoramic views of the ocean. Many are intrigued with its exterior design but the property itself has a 750-m shoreline, an Olympic sized pool and a clubhouse that is two storey. Its location is also near to parks, golf course and Mount Faber.

2. Seascape at Sentosa Cove

• It has great resort facilities as well as fantastic views, giving you the perfect feeling of a home away from home. It just a few minutes away from the CBD and VivoCity, the largest lifestyle destination and retail of Singapore. If you are in for shopping, this mall has it all. You’ll be amazed to see the wonderful beauty of the Singapore harbour. You will also enjoy great resort facilities such as ocean terraces, forest pool, palm garden and sky pool.

Ideas On Waterfront Property For Sale In Singapore

3. The Sail @Marina Bay

• Here, you will be having an easy and convenient commute and plenty of amenities that you can enjoy. If you want a property that is located at the heart of Singapore, The Sail @ Marina Bay can be perfect for you, especially if your office is just nearby. You will also appreciate the spectacular 360-degree view of the city. It is also known to be one of the world’s tallest residential structures or buildings.

Ideas On Waterfront Property For Sale In Singapore
Ideas On Waterfront Property For Sale In Singapore

There are still other waterfront properties that are for sale in Singapore, but the three mentioned above are great picks. Prices of the properties may range from $3.2 million to 5.8 million, which will also depend on the size of the property. But to find out more options for you, you can always talk to a real estate agent to assist you in finding the perfect waterfront property that suits your needs and budget.

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