Want to invest in The Peak Phnom Penh?

The Peak at Cambodia is a new launch, from the joint venture of Oxley Singapore and Cambodia World bridge. There will be two towers comprising of 55 stories, including about 900 residents, hotel rooms, 150 shops and many more to discover. The new level of luxury, adorable structures, amusement points will give you and your family a better place to live in. Moreover, the complex will be situated in a bosh area that is in front of Aeon mall, near Nagaland casino and the Embassy building. Thus everything will fill you with a level of nobility.

want to invest in the peak phnom penh

Why you should choose The Peak Phnom Penh?

The Peak Phnom Penh is different from other residential complex because of the following features:

  • First advantage is its location. Important buildings are just a few minutes’ walk from the Peak.
  • The only one casino, the Nagaland is very near to the Peak.
  • The biggest mall of Cambodia is only a few steps away.
  • Shangri-La International hotel will also be in the same premises of the Peak, adding to its beauty.
  • It has got sky pool on the 55th level
  • The building has got shops, restaurants, residencies, office all under the same roof
  • Amusement points like gym, spa, steam bath, business lounges, banquets and sports grounds proves the Peak Phnom Penh insurmountable.

Why you should invest in The Peak Phnom Penh?

Firstly, it is a growing economy, so there will be huge demand of land and residential flats in days to come.

  • The socio-political condition of the land is blameless.
  • The property taxation is very low compared to other countries
  • The inflation the market is low related to other nations
  • Foreign investors are always welcomed by the Cambodian market.
  • Cambodia is a land of cultural heritage, hang out corners like casino, pub, cafes, bares, shopping complex, thus all-round the year Cambodia experiences a huge influx of tourists.
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